Paul Deasy for Flagstaff City Council

"I intend to enhance the quality of life of Flagstaff residents and community members through innovation and improved infrastructure. I ask for your vote so that I may help our community prosper and bring us to the forefront of the 21st Century." -Paul Deasy


Infrastructure: We must ensure our transportation, water, and energy infrastructure keeps pace with the growth of our city.

Innovation: We can do more to develop innovative industries in Flagstaff and improve government efficiency through scientific progress.

Quality of Life: Public policy should always be centered on the quality of life of our community members. 



The future is bright, vote Deasy!

“The future doesn’t belong to the content and comfortable of today. It doesn’t belong to the apathetic and indifferent. It belongs to us. Those that boldly combine their passion, their reason, and their courage into a powerful force to shape the world over.”
— Paul Deasy