Who is Paul Deasy?


A bit about deasy...

I grew up in Flagstaff. My wife, Amethyst, and I now raise our 4 children here, and we want our kids to experience the same quality of life we had growing up.  With the necessary development taking place around town and the expansions at the university, it is ever important that our city government adjust to the changes and provide the proper infrastructure to support our town.

I believe I have a lot to offer Flagstaff, and have a unique skill set that complements the work being done at City Hall. I am a policy analyst. It is my profession to create greater efficiency in government spending. I currently work at NAU where I consult executives on how to effectively allocate our state tax dollars using applied statistics to improve student achievement.

I previously was a research fellow with the National Science Foundation, where I sought to more efficiently spend our foreign aid dollars to stimulate economic development and reduce civil conflict abroad.

I want to help my hometown. I ask for your vote so that I may serve our community to my utmost ability and improve the quality of life of our residents.


Paul Deasy