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Infrastructure, innovation, and quality of life.



                Infrastructure is the backbone of society. Roads, water, and energy are necessary conditions for society to prosper. Research has shown that every $1 spent on roads produces $2 in economic activity. Our future generations will need clean, fresh water and it is our responsibility to conserve and provide for their prosperity. Alternative energies not only provide for a cleaner environment, they provide more jobs at the local level.  Infrastructure is the only way to ensure quality of life for our community now and for future generations to come.



                It is not reason that sets humans apart, it is our imaginations. It is our creative productivity and through embracing the combination of science and imagination, we can change the world around us for the better. Flagstaff is made up of the most educated, innovative people in Arizona.  Within the minds of our people lies innovation and economic industry, and we must empower their ideas and expertise. We speak so often about attracting business to Flagstaff.  Well it’s already here, locked away in the minds of our people.


Quality of Life

                The very purpose of society is to improve our collective well-being. This is the very reason we must expand our infrastructure.  It is the very reason we must promote innovation. Growing up in Flagstaff, I know the quality of life I had as a child and want to ensure my children have the opportunity to experience the Flagstaff I know and love.  This is the ultimate, overarching policy goal.